NOTICE: December 14, 2014

The Unofficial InHaven Wiki staff, really just me actually, ask that the information pertaining to the old InHaven sever be respected and preserved accordingly. Because of this, a "No Necromancy" policy has been adopted where pages which show spam or negitive alterations of their data (negitive in being large chunks of text were removed) then the page in question will be rolled back as soon as someone notices it and locked from further edits.



Welcome to the Unofficial InHaven Wiki

This is the Unofficial InHaven Minecraft server wiki. Including different things such as: players, moderators, administrators, role-playing (RP) lore, inside jokes, concepts, builds, cities, Tmemes and an Acorn2Sapling Guide. Feel free to look around and by all means, use the Wiki Navigation bar at the top of the page discover our Wiki Content and Categories.

If you came just for the Acorn2Sapling Guide, click here: A2S .

RIP Haven: 2011-07-31 => 2013-05-17

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InHaven was a Minecraft server sponsored by InTheLittleWood and run by Coomdoom

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